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    […] stresses that this is a New Zealand legal history, not to “Maori history” or ethnohistory, and this interview with him explains more fully his reasons for writing such an important […]

  2. Tony Armstrong
    Tony Armstrong at | | Reply

    This has been no easy task collating all this historical information. So as an New Zealander I appreciate the effort and the foresight.
    We have all left gathering and preserving records far too late.I wonder how that will affect our future?

  3. Michael Dittmer
    Michael Dittmer at | | Reply

    As an employee of the Maori Land Court for over 25 years now, and being interested in the historical research side of things, I found this interview with Professor Richard Boast very interesting and I look forward to reading the book.

  4. Cynthia Dickey
    Cynthia Dickey at | | Reply

    Dear Richard
    So interested to find that there is a book written about the Native Land Court during the late !800s. My husband Michael`s great grandfather was Adam James Dickey the Registrar during that period.
    We have quite a lot of family history but to see some photos of sittings etc is magical. All I must try to do is purchase your book( hopefully still available) for our family.
    We now live just down the road from Princes St where the Court was and along with Sir George Grey Selections there should be some interesting results.
    One never knows what will turn up on a wet wintery day.

    Thankyou for opening up an extremely absorbing chapter in our History.


    Cynthia Dickey

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