Angela is the Editor for Safeguard magazine. In previous lives she spent 10 years with the Northern Advocate and then another ten with the NZ Herald.

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  1. Graham Willson
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    I endorse a strengthening the ethical values which underpin the relationship between worker and employer. We pay scant attention to these “old fashioned” values, as if they’re no longer relevant to a fast-moving modern, technological society.

    It’s a matter of the wider societal context – the “culture” that isolates the individual and makes the worker vulnerable to predation. That culture extends now to how we treat our injured workers – discarded because of injury, they face the same attitudes in their dealings with ACC. They become “units of stock”, numbers for actuaries.

    Instead of rehabilitation, they face a culture of denial; of cost-cutting, burden-sharing and quitting claims. It’s time we looked more closely at the cultural context which spawns these fiercely utilatarian, unethical behaviours.

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