Peter Bateman is editor of Safeguard magazine and Safeguard Update newsletter. He has been instrumental in launching the annual NZ Workplace Health & Safety Awards (where he convenes the judging panel), the annual Safeguard National Health and Safety Conference, and the lively Safeguard question and answer online forum. In his spare time he tweets.

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  1. Ray Wyld
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    My thoughts from this note is the challenge for all Industry and that is to ensure the Safety Culture supports the Systems Culture which has overtaken Safety on the Job. The JSA is a great example of how a tool, designed by the workers, for the workers to find Real time hazards has been captured by Management as a due dilligence tool. Multiple check boxes are not simple nor do they make people think before they start.
    Empower the workers and support them with leaders who care about them and use every opportunity of failure to learn about creating a safer future.

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