Susan Dugdale works alongside the marketing team and her principal area of focus is developing e-media. She has been with Thomson Reuters for more than several years now.

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  1. Anne Paton
    Anne Paton at | | Reply

    Hi, Susan
    These tips you’re writing are good: the more, the better!
    I would like to access them and/or compile them to use for training purposes in-house here at DLA Phillips Fox. Would it be possible for you to make them available in a printable form, gathered in one place, eg via Brookers Online Help?
    Libraries Manager (NZ)
    DLA Phillips Fox

  2. Susan Dugdale
    Susan Dugdale at | | Reply

    Hi Anne,
    Thanks for the feedback . It’s great to know the tips are useful!
    I’ll experiment and see if I can reproduce them as downloadable PDFs.
    The CiteCase post on citation symbols already has one attached.

    1. Susan Dugdale
      Susan Dugdale at | | Reply

      Hi again Anne,
      I’ve researched turning posts into PDFs and have found it’s possible via some background technical tweaking per courtesy of our IT department.
      Thank you for the suggestion. It’ll implemented in the new year.

      10th Feb 2011 – We now have PDFs available.

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